Information Security Summit 2021

Challenge of Securing the New Norm - the Remote, Mobile, Decentralised and Virtual Business

Conference: 9 – 10 Mar 2021

Workshops: Mar - May 2021


Like many organizations, you may be thinking “My DNS is already secure” or that you have the adequate technologies in place to protect your network from a DNS exploit. In reality, you may not. DNS is now the #1 attack vector used for Data exfiltration. Most people either forget or don’t realize that DNS is a bi-directional network communication protocol that, due to its nature, is routinely targeted by malware attacks. Traditional, reputation-only defence doesn’t offer adequate protection against these attacks, leaving many organizations exposed to substantial data loss.

Infoblox will discuss DNS Exploitation, sort through the misperceptions, highlight the facts, and walk through the steps you can take to protect your network. We will provide the business and technical risks a company faces when they do not have a dedicated DNS security tool in place. Contrast the perceived and actual security posture of your company – there is often disparity here. And educate the audience about modern-day DNS security attacks and how they work.

Speaker Information

Mr Alvin Rodrigues

Field Chief Security Officer, APAC
Infoblox Inc.


Alvin Rodrigues is the field chief security officer, APAC at Infoblox. In this role, Alvin is responsible for the alignment of Infoblox solutions against the business structure and model for key accounts. He is charged with driving thought leadership for the company, mapping technical features and solutions to business benefits and outcomes.

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Alvin is an established trusted cybersecurity adviser providing strategic counsel to CIOs and CISOs of large enterprises and government agencies across the region. Prior to joining Infoblox, Alvin held leadership roles at various global cybersecurity and IT multinational companies including Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Forcepoint, IBM, and Oracle, where he managed cross-functional teams and initiatives across APAC.

An accomplished public speaker, facilitator and content creator, Alvin co-authored a white paper with IDC on “Building a business-aligned security framework”. He also spearheaded a course on cybersecurity at ESSEC Business School, for their ebusiness master’s program.

Alvin holds a postgraduate diploma in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde and graduated with an honours degree in economics and management science from the University of London.