Information Security Summit 2021

Challenge of Securing the New Norm - the Remote, Mobile, Decentralised and Virtual Business

Conference: 9 – 10 Mar 2021

Workshops: Mar - May 2021

Main Conference

Keynote 9 - Artificial intelligence. friend or foe?


Perhaps no other technology topic arouses as much emotion, adulation, paranoia, dark/sunny conjecture or hype than AI. this talk seeks to give a balanced, neutral assessment of the area in general, some specific opinions on the security issues in certain areas such as machine learning and neural networks, and a short description of NIST efforts to address the area of AI standards. finally, we will conclude with some conjecture about how policy makers might address thorny questions on trustworthy artificial intelligence such as bias, algorithmic bias, and other contentious issues.

Speaker Information

Mr Timothy Grance

Senior Computer Scientist
National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


Tim Grance is a Senior Computer Scientist in the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. He has held a variety of positions at NIST including Group Manager, Systems and Network Security and Program Manager for Cyber and Network Security. He has led a broad portfolio of projects including high profile projects such as the NIST Hash Competition, Cloud Computing, Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), Protocol Security (DNS, BGP, IPv6), Combinatorial Testing, and the National Vulnerability Database. He is presently a senior researcher advising on various projects in cloud computing, mobile devices/applications, big data, and internet of things.

He has extensive public and private experience in accounting, law enforcement, and computer security. He has written on diverse topics including cloud computing, incident handling, privacy, metrics, contingency planning, forensics, and identity management. He was named in 2003 to the Fed 100 by Federal Computer Week as one of the most influential people in Information Technology for the US Government. He is also is a two time recipient of the US Department of Commerce’s highest award—a Gold Medal, from the Secretary of Commerce.