Information Security Summit 2021

Challenge of Securing the New Norm - the Remote, Mobile, Decentralised and Virtual Business

Conference: 9 – 10 Mar 2021

Workshops: Mar - May 2021

Main Conference

Keynote 2 - Halt Cloud-Native Application Threats


Cloud-native applications continue to evolve at a rapid pace. With modern development practices and technologies, like CI/CD, containers, and serverless, your application security needs to provide early detection, immediate protection, and assurance that your cloud services meet security best practices.

Hear Tony Lee, Head of Consulting at Trend Micro, to discuss key developer security challenges. He will show you how to artfully build secure applications that satisfy both security and development objectives.

You’ll learn about:
• Security concerns of cloud-native application development and deployment
• Security automation and best practices for remediation
• Detecting and protecting against the OWASP top 10 runtime threats
• Securing your APIs from within your applications
• How quickly you can deploy security within your applications

Speaker Information

Mr Tony Lee

Head of Consulting
Trend Micro


Tony Lee is the Head of Consulting at Trend Micro – a global leader in cyber security solutions. He is responsible for the provision of security advice and solution consultation for large scale IT users and key channel partners in Hong Kong.

Tony has more than 14 years experiences in strategic planning and requirements analysis, with special focus on cloud security deployment, cyber threats response and emerging technologies analysis. As a technology evangelist for Trend Micro, he has been acting as a high profile speaker for major industry events in the region, specialized in evolving cyber threats such as ransomware and APT attacks.

Tony is a graduate of the Hong Kong Baptist University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.