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   Main Conference

Keynote 1 - Building a Business Case for Cyberthreat Information Sharing


While it is commonly said that sharing cyber threat information is important, it remains difficult for many organizations to share such information, especially with competitors. In this session, the IT-ISAC will discuss the business case for sharing, using lessons learned and case studies from its experience.


Mr. Scott C. Algeier
Executive Director

Mr. Scott C. Algeier | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

Scott C. Algeier is the Founder, President and CEO of cybersecurity consulting firm Conrad, Inc. and Executive Director of the Information Technology – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC).

The IT-ISAC is a non-profit organization that facilitates and enables companies to share cyber threat information as a means of managing cyber risks to their corporations and the IT infrastructure. As Executive Director, Scott’s responsibilities include the daily management of the organization, developing and implementing enhanced information sharing and analysis capabilities, facilitating cyber incident response across the IT-ISAC member companies, and establishing and maintaining effective global partnerships.

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