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Keynote 2 - Cyber Security + Data Analytic = ???


Cybersecurity threats have always been a hot topic and organisations are trying very hard to detect cyber attacks as early as possible in the cyber kill chain. The traditional way of detection using SIEM and signature based rule engine don’t seem to be effective any more as seen by the many successful compromised. Recently, there had been a lot of discussion revolved around how the convergence of cybersecurity and data analytics can help organization to achieve a better security posture. So is data analytics the answer to cybersecurity? Did we over simplify or complicate the matter? The speaker will share the consideration and limitation of data analytics in cybersecurity, and to clarify what’s hype vs. what’s realistic.


Mr. Wally Lee
Principal Cyber Architect
Quann East Asia Limited

Mr. Wally Lee | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

As the Principal Cyber Architect at Quann, Wally Lee is responsible for developing Quann's key solutions and services. These include Quann Consult's assessment, testing and consultancy services, Quann Empower's cyber drills and awareness training, and Quann Rescue's incident response offerings.

He has more than 20 years of technical pre-sales and hands-on experience in security audit, incident response management, compliance check, risk assessment, penetration testing, and security development lifecycle.

Prior to joining Quann, Wally was the Regional Cyber Security Specialist covering East Asia for BT.

Before BT, Wally was the Cyber Security Architect at Microsoft covering Asia Pacific. He was leading the cyber security services portfolio, covering from business development to leading the technical delivery. He was also a subject matter expert in the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle where he led initiatives to promote and assist programmers to code their applications more securely.

Before joining Microsoft, Wally was the Regional Enterprise Solutions Architect for McAfee. He was responsible for developing strategic relationships and provided technical and industry expertise in technologies and solutions for major financial institutions, telecommunication companies, government and defence agencies and multinational corporations in the region.

Wally has also served as executive committee and committee members in several cyber security industry boards and associations. He is the immediate past President of the Association of Information Security Professionals. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and BS7799 Lead Auditor.

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