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   Main Conference

Keynote 4 - Convenience & Security are the Keys to Success now - Subject to the Smart Authentication


Cyber security and privacy issues are major handicaps against the steps to bring forward the Smart City. Fake WiFi (Man in Middle attack), USB devices (user unfriendliness), Token devices (fish web attack), SMS One Time Password (virus/Trojans interception), Android security concern, rooted or jailbreak devices and cracked app. Biometric authentication also has its privacy concerns. We PolyDigi invented our proprietary technology (US patent-pending) to build the security infrastructural based on Telcom’s network to solve all the security issues mentioned above.


Dr. Ng Nainar
PolyDigi Limited

Dr. Ng Nainar | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

  • Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (EEE)
  • BsCA( Bs Computing application, HK Open University )
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration, HK Open University )
  • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration, Renmin University of China)
  • In 2017, she was awarded the Outstanding Female Leader of the Hong Kong Business Community
  • Rich experience in Business fields , Director in Property department in HK listing company

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