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   Main Conference

Track 1.2 - A Technical Analysis on Crypto Mining Case


Crypto mining is a big trend in this year, with different TTP and exploit target. Web server is one of the high-risk targets which attacker would like to plant the miner inside. In this presentation we would like to share a case on our client, how we found the attack and what method they use to plant the miner. What is more, we will also give a technical analysis of how the attack work and how to prevent it.


Mr. Chan Jin Lung
Cyber Security Analyst
UDomain Web Hosting Company Limited

Chris Chan is a security analyst of UDomain Web Hosting Ltd, focusing on web application security, malware analysis and various research. He was contributed to malware analysis for a Hong Kong Threat intelligence sharing platform and first CTF in Hong Kong. With the malware analysis skill he helps company to detect attack on client. He hold OSCP and CEH and is providing penetration test for web hosting client. He was a speaker of security congress APAC 2017 and DragonCon 2017.

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