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Track 1.3 - Simplifying OT/IIOT Security


The world of operational technology (IIOT/ICS) has rapidly evolved in the last year. With the rise of mind-numbing attacks in critical infrastructure (Industroyer, Dragonfly, Trisis) the question is what should we do? In this session we will explore the industry in security solutions ranging across network, endpoint, and gateway to give attendees insight into what threats they should and shouldn't be worried about - and how to secure against the too big to fail vulnerabilities of industrial systems.


Mr. Kunal Agarwal
General Manager, Internet of Things

Mr. Kunal Agarwal | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

Kunal Agarwal, GM, Internet of Things, leads the IOT security portfolio at Symantec - consisting of ultra lightweight system hardening and zero-day mitigation, as well as network anomaly detection for industrial and in-vehicle applications. Prior to IOT, he was the lead Product Manager for identity & access management and integration of Symantec's Information Protection portfolio (DLP, Encryption, Identity). His experience in security dates over fifteen years, ranging from credit card security, ethical hacking, and security research at University of California, Berkeley.

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