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   Main Conference

Track 2.1 - Cybersecurity is a Human Issue – Rethink the Way of Mitigating Risks


Human factor might have been a long neglected factor in your cybersecurity measures. In the era of digital transformation, this double-edged sword is even more vital to risk mitigation. Rethink the way to building your cyber defence & resilience, with the help of human and threat intelligence.


Mr. Eric Kwok
General Manager
Lapcom Limited

Eric is the General Manager of Lapcom Ltd. he has over 16 years experience in marketing IT security. Realizing the growing market opportunities, he directs his focus to security solutions and start distributing Kaspersky security software in HK in 2005. With expertise in security and market understanding, Eric successfully placed the brand at a leading position in Hong Kong security solution market. Further to traditional security, he expands the products distributes to cloud & mobility security solutions.

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