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Track 2.2 - Reality or Fallacy? – A System of Systems Approach to Enable Cyber Secure Networks


Advances in cybersecurity have consistently failed to mitigate known network vulnerabilities. The exponential growth of threats continued to counteract these defences. Asymmetric outcome where threats outweigh capability to defend a network forces one to rethink how we implement cybersecurity solution. A system of systems approach where cyber secure networks, supported by advanced technology, incorporate with comprehensive processes and operated by highly competent people would be needed in order to address the complexity of network vulnerabilities and unknown threats.


Mr. David Chan
Chief Consultant, Cybersecurity Office
ST Electronics (Hong Kong)

David has been in IT Security for more than 17 years. He has vast experience that spans across a large set of security technologies and services. These experience came from his background in security implementation; risk and compliance audit; PCI DSS security review and cybersecurity consultancy. He has also been the principal information security architect for many Mission Critical Systems implemented in Singapore.

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