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Keynote 2 - The Key to Cyber Policing


Different countries have their own legal system to safeguard their citizens on the Internet. However, there is no universal legal framework that oversees the whole of Internet across nations and holistically addresses cyber threats arising from the borderless nature of the Internet. Therefore, it is important for law enforcement agencies to join hand to develop well-defined strategies to combat against transnational technology crimes and build a secure cyber space. The Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force is dedicated to create a safe and stable cyber world through various initiatives in cyber policing including joint efforts with overseas law enforcements.


Dr. Frank Law
Senior Superintendent of Police, Cyber Security & Technology Crime Bureau
Hong Kong Police Force, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR

Dr. LAW has been working in the Hong Kong Police Force since 1998, and has been involved in cyber security and technology crime related policing since 2001. He is now the Senior Superintendent of the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau. Dr. LAW had been responsible for facilitating IT crime investigation and digital forensics training programs on behalf of the Interpol Expert Group on IT Crime (Asia and South Pacific), and had led regional training programs in Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand and Fiji. He has delivered presentations at many international cybercrime related conferences. In 2009, he was awarded with the "Information Security Leadership Award" by (ISC)2 in recognition of his outstanding leadership and achievements in workforce improvement of information security professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. He is a CISSP and holds a PhD in Computer Science. His research interests include live systems forensics, digital forensics and digital timestamp analysis.

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