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   Main Conference

Keynote 5 - Innovative Cybersecurity Capability Building Programme using Cyber Range


The need for more effective cybersecurity capability building becomes increasingly essential. Increased technological advancements do yield an essential need for more cybersecurity experts. The Cyber Range is the next generation Cybersecurity Capability Building Platform. The Cyber Range is a virtual environment that is used for cyberwarfare training and cyber technology development. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security and performance of cyber infrastructures and IT systems used by government, military, agencies and enterprises.


Mr. Prinya Hom-anek
President and Founder
ACIS Professional Center Company Limited

A pioneer in the field of information security in the Asia-Pacific region, Prinya Hom-Anek has grown ACIS into one of the leading information security training and consulting firms in Thailand. An advisor to the Thai Ministries of Defense and Digital Economy and Society on National cybersecurity issues, he also serves on several boards, including the (ISC)2 Asian Advisory Council, ISACA Thailand Committee, and the Thailand Information Security Association (TISA). To advance his objective of implementing Thailand’s first National Cybersecurity Awareness Program, he helped to develop a successful national cybersecurity strategies; advanced training programs for IT professionals; and mechanisms to educate technology users about best practices in cybersecurity by implementing cyber drill and cyber range.

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