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Track 1.1 - Fake News, the Threats to Businesses, and What You Can Do About It


Disinformation campaigns, or “fake news” stories, have dominated the political landscape. Although disinformation has been closely associated with the activities of nation-states and intelligence services, the sheer availability of tools means that barriers to entry are lower than ever. Disinformation campaigns are not always performed for political or military purposes; they can have financial motivations that affect businesses and consumers too. By detecting these activities in their infancy, organizations can take steps to disrupt these campaigns and mitigate their effects.


Mr. Stewart Bertram
Director of Threat Intelligence & Professional Services
Digital Shadows

Mr. Stewart Bertram | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=Stewart is the Director of Professional Service and Closed Sources at Digital Shadows and responsible for any project undertaken by the organization that falls outside of the core SearchLight™ offering. With a long career in Threat Intelligence dating back to 2009 and technical intelligence dating back further to 2004. Stewart brings a significant amount of experience to any TI related report be it threat led penetration testing or more thematic and research based projects. Stewart’s Threat Intelligence research interests range from the geostrategic to the more technical aspects of cyber security and his research has been published in various books and academic peer review

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