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Track 1.2 - Building Security into CI/CD


Security leaders must choose appropriate tools and build a culture that does not inhibit the development pipeline but supports it. In our Talk, Building Security into CI/CD, Olli Jarva, Managing Consultant and Solution Architect, Synopsys Asia Pacific, outlines how security teams can work within a Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment model by building security into operational processes and an integrated, Continuous Integration toolchain. This integrated software security strategy is known as “Continuous Security.”

DevOps enables you to release features and fix bugs faster than ever, but traditional security activities might struggle to keep up with this fast-paced tempo. How can you make sure security doesn’t get left behind? Highlight these topics:

  • Opportunities to “shift left” that reduce the cost and impact of security remediation and response
  • Where and how security efforts can capitalize on automation and integration with DevOps toolsets
  • Guidance on finding the right expertise to build a solid DevOps team


Mr. John Chan
Senior Security Adviser, Software Integrity Group

Mr. John Chan graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Computer Engineering.

In his previous roles, Mr. John has worked in Hong Kong List consulting firm providing professional security consulting service for HK FSI and large enterprises.

Mr. John Chan has multiple years of experience selling security solutions, managed security services and security audit and assessment service for customer in enterprise and public sector.

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