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   Main Conference

Track 1.3 - Reducing Risk and Increasing Agility Through Automation


In this session, we will talk about the challenges that network security professionals face and how organizations can adopt a simple model to enhance network security and at the same time introduce automation into the organization change process. Change automation is a new trend where it helps organizations reduce risks and increase agility in delivery and maintaining security policies in a constantly growing heterogeneous network.


Mr. Alex Apt
Senior Engineer

Mr. Alex Apt | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

Alex Apt is Senior Engineer at Tufin Technologies who works with large scale organizations to realize their firewall change automation goals. With over 12 years of experience in the network and security industry he has in depth knowledge on best practices of how-to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of organizations and increase the agility of their growing cybersecurity related changes.

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