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Track 2.3 - An Evolution of Targeted Attacks - case studies from the financial sector


Targeted Attacks pose a large and growing threat to all industries. State sponsored attackers and highly organized criminal groups are responsible for considerable money-theft and sophisticated espionage attacks. Those Groups are regularly updating and adapting their tools, tactics and procedures in order to be a step ahead of the defenders. This presentation shall describe how and why targeted attacks evolved within the financial industry and how this serves as a reference for threat modelling.


Mr. Tim Bobak
Head of APAC Region

Mr. Tim Bobak | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

Tim Bobak moved to Moscow in 2012 from the UK. Before joining Group-IB, the leading source of threat intelligence from the former USSR and Eastern Europe, Tim worked investigating fraud and financial crime in Russian business. Currently, Tim works with the forensic lab and analyst team at Group-IB to share anti-fraud and cyber threat intel worldwide.

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