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Workshop 3 - Introduction to CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) and Information Sharing – Techniques and Best Practices

Speakers: Ms. Anett Madi-Nator and Mr. Ferenc Fresz


HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Date: 6 - 7 Sep 2018 (2 days)


09:30 - 17:00
Non-member Fee
HK$6,600 (Early Bird: HK$6,400)
Member Fee for Organizer/Supporting Organization HK$6,400 (Early Bird: HK$6,200)

Medium of Instruction


Nature & Objectives

The training aims to provide a practical insight into cyber threat intelligence tactics and methods, the role of actionable information, information sharing methods and best practices used by multinational and law enforcement as well as military organisations. Quite a bit of focus is placed on operational matters including actionable situational awareness. The training is delivered in workshop format, uses hands-on methods for knowledge transfer, and is infused with elements of a cyber drill.

Course Outline

The workshop starts with discussing fundamental concepts like CTI, situational awareness, information sharing, and further foundations of threat intelligence. Threats and potential response methodologies are discussed, from collection of data to analyzing that to further processing and sharing steps so it may become part of a shared situational awareness or trigger an incident response effort or campaign. Indicators of attack (IoA), indicators of compromise (IoC), tactical, operational, and strategic threat intelligence are discussed as well as their timeline, relevance, and applicability. The general methodology of cyber kill chains is also discussed to create a further basis for successful incident response capabilities.

Information sharing methodologies and platforms and their optimal use by different industries are the next step. Those are essential for creating internal and shared situational awareness.

The theoretical parts of the workshop are partly infused, partly followed by a cyber drill, where participants need to try and test their newly acquired knowledge for processing CTI and to use that capability for responding to a cyber incident.

1 week prior the workshop some preliminary incident information (threat intelligence) will be shared with participants, for preparation to the incident response process, as the “road to crisis” part of the cyber drill. Participants are required to try to understand the received information and to analyze that, if applicable.

Who Should Attend

  • CERT personnel
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Fraud investigators
  • Incident investigators
  • IT and IT security experts
  • Information security experts

Requirement for Participant

We will provide a desktop computer for each participant, but participants are welcome to bring their laptop for making notes. Participants will receive the training materials prior to the workshop.


Ms. Anett Madi-Nator
Vice President, Strategic Business Development, International Operations
Cyber Services Plc

Ms. Anett Madi-Nator | Information Security Summit 2018 | align=

Anett Mádi-Nátor has more than a decade of experience in strategic and administrative layers of information security and cyber defence both as a private sector subject matter expert and as a government representative.

Her recent appointments include Hungarian MilCIRC Head of Coordination, Administrative Head of Hungarian government cyber security centre (Cyber Defence Management Authority within the National Security Authority), NATO Cyber Coalition Exercises Core Strategic and Administrative Planner, and Lead to NATO Cyber Defence Capability Team.

Up to the summer of 2015 Anett was the appointed primary policy and administrative contact point for Hungary in the Memorandum of Understanding in Cyber Defence between NATO and Hungary. Anett received a ministerial award for excelling public service in 2013.

Before her successful public service Anett as International Project Management Expert and also as Lead Internal Trainer at the most significant private IT company in Hungary participated in great business developments and contributed to project successes.

Prior to public service and commercial business development Anett started her professional career specialized in adult training mostly for the military, special forces, and IT professionals at public administration. As such, she is the Communication Module Lead at Cyber Institute Ethical Hacking Course.

Anett strongly supports cyber defence information sharing both in form of raising awareness as a qualified trainer and sharing information to enable defensive collaboration among all involved entities. As such Anett took a significant role in launching the 'Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure' Manifesto through Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, 2015.

Anett takes a strong role in the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) where she takes a lead of the working group responsible for cyber range and technical education programmes for the EU, and is a member of the ECSO Board Task Force on the future EU cybersecurity. She also participates at UN ITU regional Cyber Drill series, as cyber drill planner and coordinator.

Besides her successful public service and private business activities Anett is a regular speaker at various cyber security events and conferences in Europe and in the Far East.

Mr. Ferenc Fresz
Cyber Services Plc

Ferenc Frész has gained 2 decades of experience in ethical hacking, IT and information security, also leading to significant governmental roles above the approximately 1500 successfully completed international and domestic IT and information security projects, mainly related to critical information infrastructure protection.

Ferenc as the former head of the Hungarian government cyber security centre (Cyber Defence Management Authority within the National Security Authority, Ministry of Justice and Public Administration) was the iconic figure of the creation of the national information security law in 2013, up to the summer of 2015 was a most important national cyber representative in numerous NATO and EU cyber defence projects and procedures as well as being a Core Technical Planner of NATO Cyber Coalition Exercises. Up to the summer of 2015 Ferenc was the appointed primary technical contact point for Hungary in the Memorandum of Understanding in Cyber Defence between NATO and Hungary. Ferenc received a ministerial award for excelling public service in 2012.

Before his remarkable public service Ferenc as the Strategic Lead of the most significant private IT company in Hungary was responsible for Information Management and Business Intelligence business development. Prior to that Ferenc as the Head of IT at Budapest Airport, Hungary participated in the completion of establishing the IT infrastructure of HungaroControl Public Limited, the National ANSP (air traffic service provider) of Hungary.

Besides his successful public service and private business activities Ferenc is a regular speaker at various cyber security events and conferences all over the world.

Ferenc strongly believes in business to business and business to government partnership. As such he actively supports knowledge transfer from business environment to boost national capabilities. Also, Ferenc is the Course Lead Trainer at KURT Academy Ethical Hacker Course.

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