Topic: 5G Security: A Paradigm Shift and Rethinking of the Countermeasures to Risks and Vulnerabilities


The inherent risk in the Internet of Things has alarmed security professionals. The deployment of the 5G Network potentially connecting the 28 Billion of IoTs will further compound the growth and efficacy of hacking activities exponentially. This session is of interest to those who wish to gain a strategic understanding of the many developments, trends, employment restructuring and cyber-security of 5G from exposure to concepts and models that can help countermeasure and risk reduction for consumer, SME, and large organisations. Concepts of various tools and a holistic Information Assurance model will be introduced, which utilizes the very nature of 5G to combat its underlying vulnerabilities.


Dr. Roy Ng
Centre for Research in Information Assurance (CRIA) Toronto, Canada


Dr. Roy Ng is currently Director in the Centre for Research in Information Assurance (CRIA) in Toronto, Canada. In addition to his academic research responsibilities, he develops seminars and workshops to disseminate research results. His expertise includes Information Cyber-Security, Privacy, Business Countermeasure Strategy and Information Assurance. He has over 25 years of ICT experience in the areas of executive management, consulting, information security, and network engineering with a focus in business efficacy. Dr. Ng is a frequent speaker in conferences, universities, a researcher and a seminar leader.

Prior to his research directorship, Professor Ng has served at Ryerson University as Assistant Professor, in the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management for over ten years as an information security faculty. He had held various senior management positions including Area Vice-President in a fortune 200 company; Director, Consulting Services for CGI Group. He was a founding partner in a telecommunication consulting and IT project management startup company.

Dr. Ng holds professional designations as Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Project Management Professional and Stanford Certified Program Manager from Stanford University. A research fellow of the Ryerson Privacy and Cyber-Crime Research Institute; a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association in Ontario as well as a Senior Member with the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.

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