Topic: In-house Digital Investigations


This presentation will highlight expediting in-house digital investigations with the free Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE) tool. This highly configurable triage program targets essentially any device or storage location to find and parse forensic artifacts which provide time sensitive critical answers within minutes, long before traditional forensic imaging and analysis would have completed.


Mr. Paul Jackson
Managing Director
Kroll Associates (Asia) Ltd.


Paul Jackson first arrived in Hong Kong 30 years ago upon joining the HK Police in 1988. Qualified as an electronics and telecommunications engineer in the UK, after a few years of fun chasing smugglers in speedboats, Paul's past caught up with him and he was asked to lead a team to work with all the new mobile phone operators that were granted licences in 1995. Thus began a long career in technology related crime investigation and cyber-security. Given his inability to shoot straight, this was probably a good thing!

As we moved safely past Y2K, he became a founding member of the Technology Crime Division in the HKP leading cybercrime and forensic investigations. At the same time, Paul worked extensively to develop and facilitate cybercrime investigation, intelligence and forensics training programs for Interpol across APAC and occasionally in Europe. He co-founded the HTCIA Asia Pacific Chapter in 2005 and ran cyber-security for the HK portion of the Olympic Games in 2008 among the highlights.

New adventures beckoned in 2010 when Paul joined JPMorgan, and he was soon to move to New York to build (virtually from scratch) the global high tech investigation team, which to this day remains a leading capability in corporate America. The time spent heading this global team was full of extraordinary challenges, dealing with front-page news incidents and high-pressure situations.

Paul moved back to Asia in 2014 keen to bring all the knowledge back with him and work with the community in Asia to uplift capability and standards, Paul moved into the consulting world and now heads Kroll's Asia Pacific Cyber Risk Practice working to protect major organisations throughout the region. He is also a frequent speaker at APAC events and is often quoted in media articles. He can even be heard telling stories on the radio from time to time.

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