Topic: Dance Band on the Titanic: The Data Loss Iceberg Principle


This presentation explores the idea that perhaps all the sensitive data we spend millions on trying to protect has already been compromised. In fact, cyber security is an oxymoron. It compares the losses publicly acknowledged against the widely held principle that may be only a small percentage of the actual losses incurred. If so, a new security paradigm is required but what would this look like? The objectives of this session are to engage the participants to think through the actual premise, challenge their understanding of the current state of cyber security and sound a professional “call to arms” for the future.


Mr. Richard Hollis
Risk Crew Limited


Mr. Richard Hollis is the Chief Executive Officer for Risk Crew Ltd, a unique information security risk management consulting firm specialising in providing cost-effective, independent information risk management services. Richard possesses over 30 years of “hands on” skills and experience in designing, implementing, managing and auditing information security programs. Richard is a celebrated public speaker and seasoned ISACA CISM, CRISC and CSX certifications trainer.

Richard has presented to hundreds of audiences across the world on a wide variety of information risk management topics and techniques. As a recognised industry authority, he has published numerous articles and white papers and appeared on national and international broadcast news shows as well as being cited in a wide range of press including the BBC, MSNBC, Radio 4, the Financial Times, Time magazine and various others.

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